Saturday, January 26, 2013

Borgata HORSE Review

Great tournament that I will play again next time they have it.  Structure was awesome, start with 12K chips with 40 minute levels.  We played 8 hands of each game before switching.  As usual my best games were RAZZ and Hi/Lo Stud.  Also as usual I got knocked out in the HE round!  I got coolered on my last hand but with my chip stack couldn't play it any differently.  Top pair, top kicker can't fold when I only have 4 big blinds left.  I loved my table draw, not because the players were weak but because I started on table 1 so would stay there the whole way.  Which was great being I got to pick up on how everyone played.  Were some really solid players there, Allen Kessler (Winner of it.) and a bunch of other tournament circuit regulars.  There were 2 really weak spots, one player way too loose and one way too tight.  When I got knocked out there were only 3 of the original players I started with so that was a moral victory.  Also made it to the dinner break so got the food comp, yeah.  Tomorrow I will post about some interesting hands.  Thanks for reading and good luck at the tables.  Tony


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