Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Needed Rule Change

We need to outlaw four card flushes in Holdem! Example is a hand last night in a Sit-N-Go I played on Full Tilt. As the second biggest stack I get it all In with pocket Aces against the big stack. Don’t ask me how at 50-100 he called my re-raise shove for like 10 BBs with Jacks, that’s another story, “Hee Haw”. Flop comes down A-2-6 two hearts. He has the Jack of hearts, looks like a lock for me to win this hand. Nope heart on the turn than river and IGH in 5th! The usual Online set up hand that I can’t get away from and that the Donk shouldn’t have been in there either. The bad play seems to get rewarded in Poker all the time. Oh well things can always be worse I could have my 401K 100% in the Stock Market. Oh that’s right I do have my 401K 100% in the market, ARG!!! When will the geniuses in our government figure out how to fix this mess? As you can tell I am super negative today, sorry for the ranting. Thanks for reading and good luck at the tables. Tony

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