Thursday, December 21, 2006

Some Online Play.

Been playing some $3-6 on Fulltilt this week. Nothing exciting to report. Winning like 3BB per hour. The players seam
to be getting worse and worse. The Party players have all migrated over to Stars and Fulltilt. I am waiting for a good
reload bonus to put some money onto Stars and see how bad their $3-6 players are. As I remember from the past they have
been pretty terrible. May go down to the Borgata this weekend, almost done with Christmas shopping. I think this is the
weekend we both are going to give $20-40 a try. I have been hesitent being the swings will probably be very large. I am
not crazy about possibly losing $1000 in a day. We both have had so much success at $10-20 so we really should try to go
to the next level. Wish they had $10-20 with a Kill or a $15-30 game. This would be like a half step up to $20-40. I
will post how we both did on Sunday. That's it for today. Good Luck at the tables. Tony


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