Friday, August 31, 2007

Borgata $10-20

Nothing much exciting to BLOG about these days. Still staying away from those evil SNGs. Haven’t had time to play many long sessions online. Played another short one last night on Full Tilt. Won 12 BBs in less then an hour. I wonder if I can maintain these win rates for a long session, like over 5 hours. If I could Poker would be so profitable to me then I could do it full time. Based on past results I know it can’t be done. More then 3 BBs per hour really isn’t possible at a single table of limit, at least for me. I would love to earn 2 BBs per hour at live poker, $10-20 or higher. After time collection and tips for the dealers/cocktails it’s hard to earn 2 BBs an hour. Wouldn’t be a bad amount to earn, $40 an hour at $10-20. Maybe this weekend I will have some good news to post about. It’s set we are going to AC this weekend. Looks like we are going to give the Borgata live $10-20 games a try again. We had switched over to the softer players at the Taj. There are just too many negatives things to deal with at the Taj. Dirty chips, smelly room, cheap drinks in cups, nasty people, noise, etc. We give up some expectation to play in the classier Borgata Casino. There really is not another poker room even close to how well run the Borgata’s is, in AC that is. Maybe will give the Saturday tournament a try. Well everyone have a happy labor day weekend. Good luck at the tables. Tony


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