Friday, August 24, 2007

I Hate Tournaments!

Oh the horror of playing in tournaments online. I decided to play in one last night, after taking a short break. It’s the same shit different day. I won’t tell you any bad beat stories. It’s just that I outlast 300 players to get within 20 places of a payout, only to get knocked out by my own stupidity. I run so bad in tournaments. Maybe I am not a tournament player. The grinding of cash games fits my style of play I guess. Again last night I beat the cash games for a decent number. I won 12 BBs in an hour last night at Limit HE. There are bad beats in live play also but you can recover from them. Just do a rebuy if playing No Limit or grind it out if playing Limit. The problem with live games is you aren’t going to get rich quick playing them. I am still looking for that elusive “Big Score” in a tournament. You know that life changing score to financial freedom. The one I have been chasing for years. One of these days you guys/gals will read about my big score. Don’t worry I will still BLOG about my poker play : - ). Just after I win most of the BLOGs will be gay, about how wonderful everything is. About how great and fair a game Poker is. About how fair and wonderful the world is, LOL. Good luck at the tables. Tony


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