Saturday, August 04, 2007

Running Bad.

I know I have complained before but this is getting re-dick-u-las. I stopped playing no limit to try to stop the bleeding. I am now taking sick beats at Stud! Twice last night started rolled up and lost to underpairs!! In other words started with three tens and lost to someone who started with two fives! I make a straight on 5th and loss to a full or flush on the river! Forget about starting with Aces or Kings I should just throw them away. Good news is that I made a small comback and only finished last night down like 20 BB. This morning it started all over right away. Again I am coming back and am happy to only be down 12 BBs right now. Oh well things will turn around soon, I hope. Then you can read a post about me winning instead of whining. Good luck at the tables. Tony


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