Monday, August 06, 2007

Still Running Bad in MTTs

I seam to have played through my running bad in live games streak. I was down a huge amount on Friday and I came back to only be down around 16 BBs. Then Saturday and Sunday were both small wins for me. Whenever I am running bad I am always happy to post some small wins, to get my confidence back. As for MTTs the coolers at bad times continue. I played in a $22 HORSE satellite yesterday. Top three won seats to the WCOOP HORSE tournament, 4-10 got their $22s back. Eleventh place won a whole $1. Of course I finished in 11th place! I made a huge mistake the hand before I got knocked out. In Omaha I had some crap like 7-4-4-2 from the bid blind. I was in for most of my chips, had like 250 left. The hand was checked down to the river with the final board having three queens and two rags. First person bet and the person in between called. I would have called if the person in between would have folded. How could I overcall and expect to have any chance to win? First donkey had A-K high and the calling donkey had A-J! My pocket fours would have made a full house, which I would, never thought was good. Reason I folded was there was another really short stack with like 300 chips left also.(Should have paid attention that I was small blind next hand.) I was put all in next hand and got knocked out. After this I played a Hi/Lo Stud tournament on Stars. 88 people played and they were paying 8 spots. 8th place paid almost 4 times your buyin, so I would have been happy even taking eight. I was the chip leader for half the tournament. Then I started getting coolered here and there. When we were down to 14 I was like 12th. Then the following cooler took place. On forth I was heads up with a player with a ten for a door card, he had to be going high. I had 3-4-5-6 with three spades. A monster in Hi/Lo Stud! On fifth caught a six and I went all in for my last bet. Of course I caught two bricks and his pair of tens knocked me out. I was a huge favorite on forth and fifth street but couldn’t get there. I am running so bad in tournaments right now. Also played one No Limit SNG and took second in it. At least I cashed in this one. Still was very disappointing, had a 2-1 chip lead when got heads up. The hand that killed me was when I had 10-7 in the big blind and flopped 10-9-8. I put my opponent all in. He called me with A-9 and I thought I had it won. Of course he rivers a nine to double through me. I never recovered from that hand and he took it down shortly after this. Of well tonight I will try to play through this running bad period again. Good luck at the tables. Tony


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