Sunday, August 12, 2007

Tournament Poker Luck or Skill?

Starting to think it's all luck. I am sick of playing a hand perfectly and still losing it. Just got knocked out of my 4th attempt at winning a seat in tonights $322 No Limit FTOPS tournament on Fulltilt. The way I got knocked out was just brutal. This is not a bad beat post, just an example of playing it right and losing anyway. We are down to 28 players with 12 seats being awarded. I am pretty low but not desperate. The chip leader brings it in for 3x the BB when I have Q-10 of spades in the Big. I call planning on pushes no matter what. I know his range here is huge, ATC really! Flop comes pretty good for me 7-7-4 with two spades. So I insta-push and he insta-calls. My push was half the pot so I figure I am way behind. Did I run into Aces or Kings? Nope his insta-call was with K-10 off?? Why did he call, I just don't get it. Of course he dodges my 12 outs twice and I am on the rail. How can you beat this BS?? Everyday I grind away in the live games and make a decent win rate. Everyday I blow money in these donkfests. I should give up tournament poker. Thanks for listening to my ranting. Good luck at the tables.

P.S. - Shoutout to my cousin Ton, good luck in the donkament tonight!


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