Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Still Running Bad

I am running really bad in Tournaments/SNGs. Don’t know how to put an end to this run. Played three of them last night. Played a $26 satellite to the limit HE FTOPS on Friday night. Sixteen players in this one giving away one seat and playing places two and three. Played well and got down to four players. I was the short stack when I got dealt Aces in the Big Blind. Button raises and I three bet. He caps and the flop comes J-2-4 off. I get all in on the flop and he has pocket Jacks.(Another cooler for me.) Play in a No Limit tournament on Ultimate and decide to aggressively acquire chips. I get A-K suited in the small blind after the button raised it up. I call and we see a flop of A-K-9. I bet and the button puts me all in. Of course I am almost drawing dead being he has pocket Aces! Another tournament another cooler. I play one more to try to break out of the funk. Play in a token satellite on Full Tilt. These have been my best tournaments cashing in 75% of them lately. I make it too the final table with top five getting paid. I get dealt K-Q suited in the big blind. Two people limp and we see a flop of Q-3-4 off. I bet the pot and am brought all in. So I tell my wife I am only scared of my opponent having A-Q. We discuss the fact that there wasn’t a pre-flop raise so, “How can he have A-Q?”. So I call and guess what he has…...A-Q of course. Another tournament I get knocked out of. Tonight I will back at it again. Have to play through this bad streak, must end sometimes. Enough ranting for today. Thanks for listening. Good luck at the tables. Tony

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