Wednesday, August 08, 2007

So Close Again.

So close, for the second night in a row. I played in a $48 satellite on stars for a seat into their $320 Stud WCOOP tournament. Top 3 places won a seat, 4-7 got their buy in back. Again for the second night in a row I got my buy in back. Had some crazy suck outs and bad beats last night. In one hand I started with rolled up eights. A donkey chased me with a pair of fives. He made fives and sixes on 5th. He fulled up on the river but I was smart enough to only lose one bet at that point. As for the rest of the hand I bet every street and lost half of my stack. Would have been the clear chip leader with 15 left. My great suck out took place when we were on the money bubble. It lasted 30 minutes with me being card dead, got anted down to the short stack. I had pocket jacks and decided this was the hand. I raised on third and was re-raised by a seven up. I called with my Ace doorcard. I caught an Ace on Forth for Aces up. I raised and was re-raised putting me all in. I fulled up on fifth and it turns out I needed to. My opponent had rolled up sevens, he fulled up on the river. Now I had enough chips to easily make the money. Nothing else eventful happened in this satellite. I finished in 6th to get my $48 back. Oh well I will be at it again tonight. I played low limit no limit and won a buy in. I played live Stud on FullTilt and did very well winning 10 BBs. So overall it was a winning night. My bankroll is on a road to recovery. Good Luck at the tables. Tony


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