Saturday, August 11, 2007

FTOPS Pot Limit HE

Another night of winning online Stud at FullTilt. I should just stick to this game and slowly build up my bankroll. No I want that big score that has been so hard for me to acheive. I had a good start to the night, won a $26 satellie into the FTOPS $216 Pot Limit tournament. Also pretty much bubbled in the $55 Turbo super into it. Would have been so sweet to win that one also, $216 would have padded the bankroll nicely. Felt I played fine in the Pot Limit tournament but had a very tough table. Couldn't chip up much being the pots were always raised/re-raised pre-flop. Berry Johnstone was at my table and played a very patient TAG style. I did fine but only managed to finish in around 900 out of close to 1700. Again I couldn't win a critical coin toss for all my chips. I pushed with Jacks and a total donkey next to me insta-called. This time he had A-K and flopped an Ace. Sending me packing from this tournament. Oh well one of these nights I will win an important coin toss, I hope. Good luck at the tables. Tony


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