Sunday, November 30, 2008

Poker Stars 100K Freeroll

Big shoutout to my wife who went deep in the Poker Stars 100K freeroll yesterday. She won $60 but played so well with the unbeleivably bad cards she got. If she didn't steal once a round she never could have gotten so far. As for me I played a large field MTT and finished 10 players out of the money, so brutal! I didn't mind being I was once again crushing the Hi/Lo Stud tables on Poker Stars. I will be at it again today being I need 100 more points to maintain my Silver status. Remember today is Donkday so beware of the bad players! Thanks for reading and good luck at the tables. Tony

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Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Hangover

I still have a hangover from yesterday. No not from drinking but from eating too much! Poker has been going really well for me today. Hi/Lo Stud on Stars has been so good to me this week! Now I have a nice bankroll so I am starting to take shots at MTTs, for a big score of course. I am playing in the Stars %5.50 rebuy right now you are all welcome to come sweat me.(Aviganola is my screen name.) Thanks for reading and good luck at the tables. Tony

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Day Poker

Sit-N-Gos have been really bad for me this morning! Bubbled a Poker Stars double or nothing one three in a row! Hi/Lo Stud full ring games has made up for it 5 fold! Today is an another Donkday, even though it's not Sunday. I am up like 70BBs in two hours of play. People just don't know how to play Hi/Lo online. Thanks for reading and Happy Thanksgiving! Tony

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mixed Games Online

I wish I would have realized that people play the mixed games really bad online! I have been grinding out the low limit HE tables for years, making a few big bets an hour. For the last few weeks I have been crushing the HORSE and Hi/Lo Stud tables. Last night was a very nice Hit-N-Run for me, 25 BBs in less than an hour. Whenever I play HORSE always have trouble in the HE leg but then I make it back In the Razz, Stud, and Stud Hi/Lo legs. The Omaha leg has been neutral for me. Maybe I should pull a David Singer and Sit out the Flop legs and just play the Stud legs. A few months ago this was a big issue in the big HORSE games on Full Tilt. David Singer was called out for doing this very thing. Not only is it wrong but he is a Full Tilt Pro on top of it. I would never do this, it’s just not right. What I will do is play lock down, tight Poker in the Flop legs and just clean up in the Stud legs. I have not seen such poor play since the days of Party and Pacific Poker! I miss those days and I also miss Paradise Poker! Our government just sucks sometimes. Why not tax and regulate Online Poker. Let us taxpaying Adults spend our money the way we want to. I can drink, smoke, or eat fast food myself to death but I can’t play Online Poker? What is wrong with this picture? Anyway this post is going all over the place today. Don’t eat too much tomorrow, happy day before Turkey day. (That is Turkey execution day!) Thanks for reading and good luck at the tables. Tony

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Collusion Yes or No?

I sometimes wonder if collusion goes on in live games Online. Was this hand two people playing against me or just over-aggressive play on both of their parts. I was playing $1-2 HORSE and we were in the HE leg. I get dealt A-J in a very loose 7 handed game. A middle position player raises and I call the extra bet as well as 3 other players. The flop comes down 9-4-4 and the middle position player bets so I decide to peal one off as does an under the gun player. Turn looks good to me a Jack so I bet out. The Under the gun player raises and the middle position player re-raises. So it looks like I will be trapped for a lot of bets. I decide to fold my Top two pair with top kicker hand. River goes check, check the under the gun player wins with Q-J off. The other donk had a pair of eights. This hand looks real fishy to me. Really looks like they are playing together on the turn, the second player makes it three bets to go with an under pair on a paired board? What do you all think? Was there collusion involved or just some crazy play. Thanks for reading and good luck at the tables. Tony

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Good Weekend!

Been running sick good all weekend! Took 5th in a Knockout MTT on Full yesterday. Today I just bubbled the final table in an 8 game MTT on Poker Stars, good for 3 buyins. The cash games have been even better. I crushed the $1-2 HORSE game on Stars today, up over 50BBs! Right now I am playing in the Double Deuce on FullTilt, wish me luck. Thanks for reading and happy Donkday! Tony

Friday, November 21, 2008

Cousin Neil's Homegame

Played in another fun game at my Cousin Neil’s house last night. The first Sit-N-Go was more of the same for me. I played bad and got unlucky, the usual, so I bubbled. The second Sit-N-Go was nice I chopped first even and got three bounties. Shout out to my cousin Ton. who chopped with me. He played well but was a super luck box against me when heads up. Case in point, he shoves on me with 8-4 sooted and I snap call with J-10 sooted. I flop a Ten and he flops an eight but turns a four to take the chip lead. A few hands later, after I had re-gained the led we get it all in pre-flop, me with pocket Jacks him with A-10. The luck box rivers an Ace and takes the lead once again. I battle back until we are even in chips. Being it was getting late he agrees to an even chop to end it. I really felt I could have taken him down heads up, being I always got my money in ahead of him pre-flop. Problem was I was tired and had an early meeting Friday morning. Next time you are going down luck box, LOL! Thanks for reading and good luck at the tables. Tony

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Regular Sit-N-Gos

Yesterday I started playing regular Sit-N-Gos and felt I ran really bad. I bubbled in two No Limit ones, got my money in good but couldn’t win either race. Pocket Nines against A-Q and pocket Tens against Ace-Jackass. If I win either of these races am almost guaranteed to make the money. I did take second in a HORSE Sit-N-Go but some bad things happened to me when heads up in the HE leg. We are even in chips when I get dealt pocket Kings. He brings it in for a raise and I three bet. Flop comes 2-3-3 rainbow. He leads out and I smooth call to trap him for all his chips on a later street. A ten falls on the turn and he bets out. For some reason the hairs on the back of my neck rose. I had a feeling I was beat in this hand, which would amount to a cooler heads up. So I decided to just call. A Seven fell on the river and he again led out, I went with my instincts and just called. There is no way you will figure out what his hand is. I just knew something was fishy in this hand. Normally I put him on Jacks or Queens this hand and I go broke. He had the all mighty Jamie Gold Hand, the 2-3 sooted! He flopped a full house on me, so sick. At the end of this hand I had 1900 chips to his 10,000 more or less. I fought hard and evened it up again in the Razz leg. He put a few more sick beats on me to knock me out. I don’t mind taking second in these but felt I was like ten times better a player than my opponent. Oh well the better player doesn’t always win in Poker. Thanks for reading and good luck at the tables. Tony

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Poker Stars Double or Nothing Sit-N-Gos

My results at these has been getting better and better. I am now 18-4 in 22 of these! They are 10 man Sit-N-Gos with only a 4% rake, for the turbos, top 5 get double their money. These are all about survival, not aquiring chips. Plays right into my style. I will continue with them this week. Possible AC trip to the Borgata this weekend, hope it works out. Can't wait for the feel of real chips and cards in my hands. Thanks for reading and good luck at the tables. Tony

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

FTOPS Hi/Lo Stud

I lost 5 hours of my life last night. I went deep in FullTilt's Hi/Lo Stud event, but not deep enough. Finished around 20 from the money, 5 more minutes and would have cashed for $512 and had a chance for 24K! These tournaments are so frustrating. I ran pocket Aces into pocket Kings who made 2 pair on the river. Three hands before that I had Aces and Kings in five cards against a flush in 5 cards, when five other hearts were out! Never put him on a flush. It sucks being I felt was the best player at most of my tables. At my first table we had a few players playing every hand. They reduced the table to 7 card bingo. On the good front I am now 10-1 in PokerStars Double or Nothing Sit-N-Gos, own these. Thanks for reading and good luck at the tables. Tony

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Friday, November 14, 2008

Plumbing Problems!

No Poker for me yesterday, we had my work “Holiday” party to go to. Let me tell you this, old houses suck. On Tuesday night our hot water heater went, spilling 40 gallons of water all over our basement. So I had to shut it down and clean up the mess. I missed work on Wednesday to wait for my Uncle’s guys to come and replace it(Obviously he owns a Plumbing business). Big Shout out to my Uncle Mario and my Cousin Tony, you guys are the bomb!! It sucked not having hot water for even 12 hours, thankfully they sent over their guys to replace it promptly. Thanks so much! Happy Friday. Tony

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

WSOP Main Event.

Did you all watch ESPN's coverage of the Main Event Final table last night? I loved it, very entertaining! They showed some sick bad beat hands last night. What did you all think of the coverage? Also should they do the same thing next year? Thanks for reading and good luck at the tables. Tony

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

PokerStars and the November Nine

Been running really good on River Stars lately. A few months ago they introduced a new kind of Sit-N-Go, which I have been owning! Double or nothing No Limit Sit-N-Go. It’s a ten person Sit-N-Go which pays double your buy in for the first 5 places. I have been playing only in the turbo version, which has a great rake structure, forty cents for a ten dollar one. 4% juice is a really good deal for the players. I have played eight of them, 7 wins and 1 loss! My first loss came last night with pocket Queens on a raggy flop, got it all in against Jacks. He rivered a Jack for my first knockout in one of these. These are all about survival, something I am great at. Plus they are real short being it ends once we are down to 5 players. Most of them last around 30 minutes. I will post about my progress in them later in the week. Big shout out to my wife, she played in a 15,000 FPP Sit-N-Go on River stars yesterday. It’s a special Sit-N-Go that one Poker Stars Pro always plays in. She chose the one with Vicky Coran. My wife knocked her out and collected the $250 bounty, way to build the roll! As for tonight I am very excited to watch the WSOP final table. I know who gets heads up but haven’t found out the winner yet. Tonight I will have a little suspense while watching it. Thanks for reading and good luck at the tables. Tony

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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Cousin Tony's Home Game

Shout out to my cousin Tony for putting together a last minute home game. It was a lot of fun to get together with everyone last night. Only thing is I am getting old, today I am feeling the effects of staying up until 2:30am. I ran super bad all last night, bubbled both sit-n-gos. I was completey card dead all night. My biggest pair all night was pocket 4s! Only managed to stay alive by stealing pots. I will get them next time. Today I may play in Full Tilt's FTOPS event number 8, $256 knockout tournament. If I can stay awake I will play in it. Thanks for reading and happy Donkday! Tony

Borgata Poker

Friday, November 07, 2008

BoDog Payout

Let me start off by saying that I finally got my BoDog withdrawal check from them. It took 6 weeks for them to verify my account and then another 7 weeks for me to get my check. It was only for $260 but I must say 13 weeks to get my own money is unacceptable. Well I won’t be reloading and playing on that site any time soon. Last night was bad beat night for me in Sit-N-gos, for sure. I played in three and got my money in good all-in pre-flop every time. A-K against A-8 who rivers an eight. A-K againt A-10 who turns a Ten. Than on Full Tilt pocket Queens against A-K who rivers a King on a totally rag board. Felt I played all three hands well but a stop-n-go with the Queens would have been a better play. In other words I should have flat called and then shoved any flop. Outcome may have been the same but I think that would have been the better line. As for live ring play I kicked some butt last night. I won 20BBs in an hour, which was enough to cover my three sit-n-go losses. At least I had a slightly positive night. I missed my Cousin Neil’s game last night. Big shout out to my brother John. He chopped the first Sit-n-go but better yet he got Dave and Carlo’s Bounty. Great job John! Good job to Cousin Nick for chopping the first one with John. Ace rag I am coming for you next time, LOL. Thanks for reading and good luck at the tables.

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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Another Cooler

Played a Sit-N-Go on Monday night and got brutally coolered. This is the set up, down to 4 players and I am in the chip lead by 500 chips. We have too shorties both fighting to make the money. I get A-Q off on the button and bring it in for 3X the BB. I had been raising every other hand and taking down the blinds almost every time. The small blind, 2nd in chips, defends and we see a flop of A-Q-4. Yatzee for me, so I think. I do my patented weak lead, for a min. bet. He min.-raises me and I min.-raise back. He shoves and I snap call. Of course he has pocket fours and I lose most of my stack. I get knocked out on the bubble 2 hands later. From chip leader to bubble boy in one orbit! I made a lot of mistakes in this hand. Biggest one was snap calling his shove on the flop. Best case we were chopping the pot there. I really can’t put him on Queens or Aces being he was always re-raising with big pairs pre-flop. There was no flush draw and only a gut-shot straight draw out there so I can rule these out. Only hand he could have was pocket fours. I play better than this and should have tried to keep the pot small against the only person who could hurt me. If he shoves on the river I doubt I could lay it down anyway but maybe he would have value bet and not shoved. I really should have put more thought into this hand! Anyone see any other problems with how I played this hand? Maybe it was just a Full Tilt cooler after all. I would like to hear other people’s opinions on it. Thanks for reading and good luck at the tables. Tony

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Monday, November 03, 2008

Borgata Goofy Hands

So my wife and I played in a $5-10 Limit HE game at the Borgata on Saturday. There was some really goofy bad play in this game. This hand illustrates what I am talking about. Two people limp and my wife raises from the button. They take a flop of 8-9-4 three handed(rainbow). First player bets, middle player folds and my wife raises. All a standard normal play, she had pocket Aces. He re-raises so she puts the breaks on and just calls. At this point I put him on two pairs, eights and nines. After talking to her about the hand later on she figured the same. A four comes on the turn and he basically tells the whole table that his hand is no longer good(based on his body language). He checks and my wife correctly bets. After going into the tank for 5 minutes he calls. Come on now its Limit make up your mind in a few seconds. The river is an eight and he quickly checks, WTF? My wife bets and he insta-calls. She calls out Aces up and waits. He turns over 8-9 off and takes down a nice pot. What was he afraid of? This guy is probably afraid to cross the street in the morning. Fills up on the river and doesn’t bet or raise? Top full house, which has to be good based on the action in the hand. I guess he was worried that she had pocket fours for quads? This is the kind of goofy bad beats that we both had to deal with all day long. Tomorrow I will write about a hand that put me on Tilt. The play in $5-10 and $10-20 Limit HE at the Borgata is just so poor! Thanks for reading and good luck at the tables. Tony

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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Borgata Trip Report

We had a fun but stressful trip to the Borgata this weekend. The Poker Room was pretty busy, even with this bad economy. They had 3 $5-10 and 4 $10-20 Limit HE games going at 7 PM. My wife got buried at $5-10 but then moved up to $10-20 and crushed the game. I moved to $10-20 and won a nice profit myself. The game was really agressive, full of drunks just spewing chips. We saw a guy spew through $1000 in an hour at $10-20! He made a huge contribution to my wife's comeback. I have a lot of good hands to post about now. I will start posting them tomorrow. Thanks for reading and good luck at the tables. Tony