Friday, November 30, 2007

Home Games.

More home games. I need more live games to play in. I don’t mind losing my money, providing I am having fun doing it. My recent success in home game SNGs has been horrible! I hope Cousin Tony has one soon.(Hint, hint!) The last cash I have had was at his house. Also his basement is perfect for home games anyway. Like to play at Dave’s house also but I sometimes need earplugs from all the noise/madness going on there. Also have had some really bad luck playing at his house. Think I have won one coin flip there in like the last 5 times playing there! That is like one coin flip in 10 SNGs, pretty bad run I would say. The game at the Elks club is a lot of fun also. Will play in that one next time for sure. Anyway I am just rambling. It’s Friday at 3:00pm and I can’t wait to get out of work. The Borgata is just pulling me in. I can’t wait to go to my favorite Poker Room in the whole world. Happy Friday. Tony

Another Big Score.

I can’t believe I am doing another post about a big score from Carlo/Tony. Once is amazing but twice in one week is sick! (One time could be considered a fluke but two times can’t.) These guys are doing something right. I don’t know all the details but they took second in a major tournament on FullTilt last night for 9K! That’s 23K in one week, real money. Hats off to them for another nice score. As for my own play last night it was a real roller coaster. I started playing $2-4 Limit and at my low point was down $180! Some donkey at the table was playing every hand and just crushing me. I raise with A-J suited and he calls. The flop is J-8-3 rainbow and I bet the whole hand to the river. He raises me on the river. I just call and he shows me 8-3 of spades for a flopped 2 pair! They I notice every hand I am in he is raising me to isolate me in position. I finally pick up on what is going on, shouldn’t be multi-tabling. I start calling him down light. I pick him off bluffing me like 3 times in a row. I get to the point where I am only down $60 and he leaves the table. So I go fish finding and follow him to a short-handed $3-6 table. I go in every hand he is in a pot and call him down with bottom pair. I get all my money back and then some. I ended the night up a small amount, not bad being I was down 45BBs after 1 hour of play. I continued my hiatus from MTTs, for now. It’s good to take a break from them sometimes. Making a Borgata trip this weekend. I miss playing $10-20 with actual chips in my hand. Think I will play some live No Limit on this trip also. Wish me luck. Good luck at the tables. Tony

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sit-N-Gos Revisited

I broke my tournament hiatus last night. I decided to tread lightly back into MTT/SNGs. I played a $5.50 HORSE SNG on FullTilt. Just to ease myself back in slowly/cheaply. I took it down easily for $20. When we got down to four handed everyone played so tight. In the Stud leg I was able to steal pot after pot. Every time I had the highest up card I raised and won almost every pot uncontested. I went from low man to 2nd in chips this way. Then when I got heads up finally got hit by the deck. In the past month I was always going card dead at any final table I was at. The bad news was that I couldn’t do anything right playing Limit HE. I was quickly down 25 BBs in less the 30 minutes. Grinded it out for two hours and ended down 8 BBs for the night. This worked out well because it forced me to do some extra time on my stationary bike. I wound up doing over 16 miles, usually do 10 a night. So the extra grinding was good for my health. Maybe this is one of my downfalls when playing online, too much multitasking. I am always doing at least 5 things while playing online. Tonight I will be back at it again. Good luck at the tables. Tony

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Grind Continues.

The grind continues on. Last night didn’t play any MTT or SNGs, per my break from them. Played limit HE and decided to go back to my roots by playing some Seven Card Stud. Remember I am a HORSE player so I can play all the games fairly well. My best game in tournaments is Hi/Lo Stud. For live play probably High Stud is my best. Did well last night, for the short amount of time I had to play. In stud I won 5 BBs and in HE I won 4. Doesn’t seam like much but I played less then 45 minutes. Good thing is I finished my third day in a row in the plus column. About a month ago I had 14 winning ring game days in a row. These slow grind days really help build up the bankroll. Also I clear bonus at Ultimatebet and earn rakeback on FullTilt. It’s almost like I have a payday once a month from FullTilt. Usually at the end of the first week of every month I get my rakeback deposited into my account. So playing Stud last night was a lot of fun. I had almost forgotten how bad people play the game, at the low limits. There is so much information available to an observant player in this game. Only bad thing is you really need to pay attention to the cards out on 3rd street. It’s not a good game to do much multi-tabling. I will continue playing more Stud for the rest of the month. I really want a positive month of November. I actually lost a little, the last two months in a row. Last year that was unheard of online for me. Ever since the government BS law was passed the easy money has dried up online. That and the fact that people are playing better in MTTs and SNGs. As for live games they are still soft, just not as soft as they were. Will continue grinding it out tonight. If you are on Ultimatebet stop by and say hi tonight. Good luck at the tables. Tony

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Back to the Grind

Last night I was back to the grind of Limit HE. I made 8 Big bets in an hour, not a bad return at all. Really should stick to playing ring games all the time. MTT and SNGs are a major leak in my bankroll. Case in point I played in 6 of them on Sunday, finished in the money in 3 of them. Yet I still lost a little bit. In an $11 MTT I finished in 21th out of 868 players. With the bounties I received I made $31. Take away my $11 entry fee and I cleared a $20 profit for 4 hours of play. Was it really worth it? It’s just that allure of the big score that keeps me playing in MTTs. Like my last post about Carlo/Tony’s big score I want the same thing also. Well for now I am taking a small break from MTTs until I grind the bankroll up again. May still play heads up SNGs. My record in them is like 40-8 for the last two months. They have been a bankroll builder for me. Good luck at the tables. Tony

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Big Score!!

Wow big Shoutout to Carlo and Cousin Tony! They took down the FullTilt $150+13 8:00pm tournament last night.(Deliman72 is Carlo.) (They split the entry fee, so split the 14K win!) It's about time one of our crew took down a big score. Good for them. Maybe now they have broken the ice I can win something big! Happy Sunday. Good luck at the tables. Tony

Saturday, November 24, 2007

F*****N Jacks Again

What did I do insult the God of Jacks? Yesterday I got knocked out of 2 tournaments with them. Then this morning in Hi/Lo Stud I start with 3 Jacks! Four idiots chased me to the river, they must have known I can't win with Jacks. Two of the them caught staights on the river. I had 3 shots to full up but couldn't. I should just fold any hand with a jack in it! Thanks for reading my rant. I will do a tournament post later. Good luck at the tables. Tony

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Site Review.

I can't seam to sleep tonight. So I decided to check to see if they had any sites for me to review for my readers. Sure enough they had one for me to do. Note this is a sponsed review. Here is the site:

Online Gambling

It's another site that makes money by referring users to gambling sites on the web. If you are into playing poker online and want to try out other online gambling sites this site is very useful. They also have links to gambling news. Also contain tools to evaluate poker hands. Have tutiorials to teach you how to play casino games properly. You can sign up for their newsletter, it will alert you of current online casino bonuses. I always like to take advantage of these when playing on poker sites. "Bonus Whoring" is a great way to make free money just for jumping from one site to another. I like the fact that they go into detail about each company/network that runs each online gambling site. Check out this site if you have some extra time to do so. Thanks so much for reading this review.

Without furthur ado we return to our previous program - LOL.
Just played a little online at FullTilt. My nemisis hand pocket Jacks finally won for me. Of course I had to flop a set with them. Also had to dodge tons of bullets for them to hold up. Playing in freerolls can be such a crap shoot. It's almost 2:00 now so I am going back to sleep. Playing in a home game tomorrow night at my cousins house. Wish me luck. Good luck at the tables. Tony

Online Play.

Kicking some butt this morning playing $1-2 Holdem. This game is just so funny. Last night I couldn't do anything right all night. Just kept taking bad beats. Flopped sets never held up! This morning within 5 minutes I won almost all of it back. I couldn't do wrong this morning. Happy Thanksgiving. Tony

P.S. - I will do a longer post later on.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Some Online Poker

Had a good night playing on FullTilt last night. Only won 6 BBs playing 2 tables of $1-2 Limit but that was huge considering I took so many sick beats. Also won a $26 tournament token in an 18 man SNG. These are really easy to win on Full, I win a token in 50% of them I play in. Also played a 4-man double shoot out for a token. I won the first match in 3 hands against an uber donkey. I pushed with A-Q suited and he insta-called with K-10 off? My push was over the top after he had raised me the pot. That was the good news, bad news was I got unbelievable unlucky to lose my second match. We started with 3000 chips each and I had the villain down to 160 chips. I get dealt A-J off and push him all in. He calls with 10-3 and flops a 3. From there I had him all in like 8 times, with the best hand, and every time he sucks out on me. How can I lose 8 flips in a row? Eventually he takes the lead and really starts to frustrate me by raising 8 times the big blind every hand. Finally I push for my last 1000 chips with A-10 suited, only to run into A-K! Of course I can’t suck out on him and he wins the token. I win nothing, how frustrating. This guy was really getting on my nerves. I made some comments about how lucky he was running. He really pissed me off by totally ignoring everything I said. As a matter of fact he never said anything, not even GG after knocking me out. Maybe he didn’t understand English, I don’t know. Overall the night was profitable for the short time I played so I can’t complain. Good luck at the tables. Tony

UPDATE - F@@@@N Jacks just killed me again. I flop a set of them and lost to a straight on the river. Oh how I hate Jacks!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Some Online Play

Didn’t have a chance to play much last night. Did play a lot on Sunday, with decent results. Played in two Heads up SNGs and won them both.(Of no FullTilt please don’t throw the bad beat switch on me – LOL.) Played in a MTT HI/LO tournament on Stars. This was very frustrating for me. Out of 90 players I finished in 12th, 8 places were paid. I went out on a monster draw again. First four cards were A-2-3-5, then I caught running Tens when we got it all in on sixth. He had pocket Jacks only. Any 4,6,7,8 and I get half the pot. Any Ten, Ace, or pairing up any of my cards and I scoop.(Unless he improves on 7th.) I of course caught a useless Queen. If I won the hand I was almost a lock to make the final three, instead I get nothing. MTT have got to be the most frustrating things to play in Poker. I played Limit HE all day to only win 5 BBs, better then a lose. Also cleared a lot of bonus on UltimateBet in the process. Tonight I may get a chance to play. Wish me luck. Good luck at the tables. Tony

P.S. – Shoutout to Carlo for crushing the cash game on Saturday night at the Elks! As always please remember to click through on my Google banner above this post. Every click through fills the bucket, LOL.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

F*****N Jacks.

I hate Jacks with a passion. Think last 10 times I have gotten them I have been knocked out or lost most of my chips with them. Played at a 90 man MTT at the Elks Club last night. With 10,600 chips and the blinds at 800-1600, with no ante, got dealt Jacks under the gun. At this point we were down to 27 players with the final table getting paid. My table was pretty much loose passive, perfect table for me. I decide my M is low so I just open push. The player on my left goes into the tank for 5 minutes. With 8300 in chips he decides to call. The rest of the table folds and I expect to be in a race. He tables what hand? The deadly A-10 off! I announce don't worry I never win with jacks. Of course he is down to 3 outs on the river and the ace peals off! They say online poker is rigged, don't think so. Live poker is just as rigged! I open push on my next hand with A-6 of diamonds. I flop a four flush against 2 other players. Of course I don't get there and the unimproved A-J off wins the whole pot. Had a good time anyway and will definetly play in this tournament again. The players were so weak and drunk. Really felt I was going to take it down. Of well next time. Good luck at the tables. Tony.

P.S. - Shoutout to Carlo for bringing the food. It was awesome!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Running Goot!

I have said this before and I will say it again, writing about how bad I am running always seams to turn it around for me. Can’t figure out why this is. May be that I was playing too overconfident and writing about how bad I am running may humble me. Of course the reverse seams to be true also. So probably tonight I will get my ass kicked – LOL. Last night I couldn’t do any wrong playing $1-2 Limit HE. In two hours I won 35 BBs. At the same time I played in a No Limit MTT, with Knockouts.(FullTilt’s way of saying you get a bounty for every player you felt.) I took down 28th place out of 700 and got one bounty to boot. The money wasn’t substantial but it felt good to get deep in one of these. My last hand was the typical FullTilt setup cooler for me. I flopped top two pair from the Big Blind, Kings and Sixes, but there are 3 clubs on the board. So I push all in for two times the pot and the Villain calls me with the naked Ace of clubs. Of course club on the river and I am done. Had to push there, my M was less then 3 at this point. Tried to protect my hand by making the draws pay. Can’t get anyone to fold the nut draw these days. So what It was 60% of his stack, he didn’t care. I hadn’t been messing around the whole tournament. Played a tight aggressive style the whole time. I did one thing last night that I never do. Ten people from the money, with a very healthy stack I folded pocket Kings pre-flop. Thing is I really wanted to make the money in this tournament, didn’t want to play great for 2 and ½ hours and get nothing. Also this particular player hadn’t pushed all in over the top the whole tournament. I put him on Aces, Queens, or A-K. I am sure the math says I should have called there but I am sick of getting knocked out with pocket Kings. If I won this hand I would have had over 11,000 chips, which was above average. Instead I folded and had an average stack. I will try to play in the FTOPS VI 6 man Limit HE tonight. Good luck at the tables. Tony

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Update - Of course after I wrote this post I got killed all night friday!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Heads Up Hell

Last night I was in Heads up Sit-N-Go hell. Every since I started writing about how well I have been doing in them I have been jinxed! Played three last night and got bad beat in each one. Here are the Final hands of each one of them. First one I had 950 chips and pushed with pocket tens, K-10 off insta-calls. He flops a King and turns one for good measure. Next one I have 1200 chips and pocket Kings. Action pre-flop goes I limp, he raises, I re-raise, and he pushes. I am against A-Q suited this time. First card off on the flop is an Ace and I am knocked out again. In the next one I play total small ball and win like 7 of 8 pots. The one pot of 8 he wins is always a big one. We go for over 30 minutes, which feels like forever heads up. Finally I have 700 chips left and get it all in pre-flop with A-K. He calls me with K-J sooted. Of course he flops a Jack and no improvement for me. I decide to give up on Sit-N-Gos for the night. At least I played them well. In the long run I am still crushing Heads up play. I played for another hour of live $1-2 instead. Made like 5 BBs in an hour, not bad. Tonight I will be playing the Heads up SNGs once again. Maybe I will win being I wrote about how bad I ran in them last night. Good luck at the tables. Tony

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

At home sick.

Been home sick from work for 2 days. Stayed home sick all day on Sunday also. I have noticed I play real bad when I am sick. Played a little today, did well at $1-2 Limit HE.(Won 15 BBs.) Also cashed in a Hi/Lo Stud Tourn. on FullTilt this morning. Not much else going on. Think I am going to take a nap once I finish up the Razz Tournament I am playing on Stars right now. Good luck at the tables. Tony

Monday, November 12, 2007

A Borgata Hand.

Here is an example of how crazy the $10-20 Limit game at the Borgata is on sundays. I had been playing fairly tight in this wild game. I wake up with pocket aces under the gun. I bring it in for a raise and get called in 4 spots. Flop comes down 10-9-9 rainbow. I lead out and get raised by the played to my right. He was a very agressive lucky player. I put him on a ten but he could have a nine. Eveyone else folds and I call his raise. The turn brings a queen and I check. He bets and I call. The river brought a blank, think a 3. I again check, fearing he has a nine. He bets and I call right away. Hmm what could he have to crack my aces? Of course he has K-J off? He cold called an under the gun raiser with this cheese. Then to make matters worse he raised me on the flop with a gutshot straight draw. He made mistake after mistake in this hand. Yet he gets rewarded by winning a nice pot. Of well in the long run you want people doing this. Problem is when they keep sucking out on you all day it grows old real fast. Oh well I remember who this regular player is and "Revenge is a dish best served cold". Good luck at the tables. Tony

Sunday, November 11, 2007

PokerStars 12:00 Deepstack Tournament

If anyone is interested in sweating me. I am playing right now.(2:54 eastern) Doing Well - BTW. 553 left out of 1481. I have 19,387 chips. Wish me luck. Tony

Update - Got knocked out in 204th, 135 places paid. Hand that killed me was when I flopped a set of tens but lost to pocket Aces when he rivered an Ace. I sucked out and he re-sucked out on the river. Weird thing is we got most of the money in on the turn, while I was ahead!

Borgata Trip Report

Wife and I played at the Borgata yesterday. What a crazy bunch of donkies at our tables. Both of us couldn't win all day. It was nuts none of my hands would hold up. The game was complete luck. It was like playing bingo all day. We both got killed. I have said it before these kinds of games are not even poker. They are just a total roller coaster of variance! I will post about some hands later. Will be playing in the 2:00 Hi/Lo Stud FTOPS VI event today. Wish me luck. Good luck at the tables. Tony

Friday, November 09, 2007

Winning at Poker

I told my readers yesterday what the trick is to winning at Poker. Write about how bad you are running then you will win. The reverse seams to be true. Every time I write about winning it’s as if the “Bad Beat” switch gets turned on for all my online accounts. Yesterday I did a post about getting beat up playing online. Of course last night I had a great winning night! (I didn’t just write that, oh no the bad beats will start again!) Think I have the problem figured out. Whenever I start feeling I can’t lose at this game I do. In other words don’t ever get over confident in Poker. As soon as you do it’s a recipe for disaster. I have read tons of Articles and BLOGs stating this very thing, in all different words. To win at this game you must constantly learn and be cautious. I don’t mean playing scared, mean don’t ever think you are too good for the game. As soon as I feel I can do no wrong I start to lose. This post is starting to become a ramble. Sorry it’s Friday and I have had a bad week at work. (Also relatively bad week at online poker.) Good luck at the tables. Tony

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Bad Luck Online.

Last night I got spanked big time playing Heads up on FullTilt. Eveytime I write about running good I lose right away. Maybe if I write about getting beat up I will start winning. This post is about my brutal Heads Up Sit-N-Gos last night. I moved up to $20+1 ones and of course now the bad beats start. I won’t even bore you with the details. Last night I had every kind of bad luck. One example was everytime I woke up with a pair bigger then nines the other player folded his small blind to me. It was like they could see my hole cards. Well I played two $20+1s and lost so I moved back down to $10+.50. I went 0-2 in the $20+1 and 1-3 in the $10+.50 ones. Going 1-5 may not seam so bad but I have been running so well lately that it was a big disappointment. My live play didn’t go any better either. Three times last night I flopped the nut straight and got rivered each time. I also flopped the nut flush a few times and lost to fullhouses. Oh well I will be at it again tonight. Good luck at the tables. Tony

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Heads Up

I am the heads up master! I played four of them and went 3-1. The only one I lost was a really bad beat. I had pocket Aces and got the forth raise in pre-flop, which put him all in. It was only the 4th hand and I was surprised we got it all in already. (Put him on the cooler, pocket Kings.) The flop came 2-3-4 rainbow, great flop for me. The turn brought a dreaded Jack, btw he had pocket Jacks. I had outs for the re-suckout, 2 Aces and 4 Fives. Didn’t re-suck out and got knocked out shortly after this hand. I really feel that I am playing well in these heads up sngs. Of course I have only been playing in the $10+.50 ones. My record is like 23-5 when playing in these. My FullTilt bankroll is now very healthy. Think tonight I will move up to $20+1 ones. As for live play just spun my wheels all night. Ended up a few BBs, nothing interesting to report. Still need to start playing in some satellites for some of the FTOPS tournaments coming up. Wish me luck. Good luck at the tables. Tony

Monday, November 05, 2007

Online Grind

I should just stick to playing Heads up Sit-N-Gos online. I played four of them yesterday and went 3-1. The one I lost was a total heads up cooler. In an unraised pot I get 6-2 of hearts in the big blind. Flop comes with three hearts, yatzee! I bet he raises and I push, have him covered by 300T. He insta-calls, so I figure top pair and the ace of hearts. Nope 7-3 of hearts, cooler! I fought back hard and got back up to 900T but he still took it down. Played in a $26 satellite for FullTilt’s 6:00pm $216 750K guaranteed tournament. Out of 292 players got knocked out in 32! 28 seats were being awarded and 29 got $72. Was card dead for the last hour but it was my fault that I bubbled. Let myself get too low. When I finally made a move had 3-6 of hearts and 1650 chips, with blinds of 400-800. I pushed against the second short stack’s big blind. He of course insta-called with the monster 6-10 off. (He had to call being the odds he was getting were so good, almost 4-1.) So brutal to play for almost three hours and get nothing for it. Same thing happened to me Saturday night. I played in an $11 bust out tournament on FullTilt.(Their name for a bounty tournament.) I had chips the whole way, but didn’t collect a bounty. Out of 970 players I got within 10 of the money. Of course got knocked out on a bad beat, A-K against A-10 for 70% of his chips. Of well I run real bad in MTT these days. Can’t believe I didn’t even collect a single bounty all tournament. Well at least I did well playing live yesterday, won 20 BBs at $1-2 in two hours. Tonight I will start my quest to win a satellite into one of the upcoming FTOPS tournaments. It’s going to take me a few live sessions to recover from Saturday’s slaughter at the Borgata. Oh well it happens, no use crying over spilt milk. Good luck at the tables. Tony

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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Quick Borgata Trip Report.

Played Friday night and all day saturday, $10-20 Limit at the Borgata. My wife did fine but I got killed. The table on Saturday was so juicy. Players were just terrible. I started out playing way to lose and was quickly down 20 BBs. Then I started playing some LDP, Lock down poker. This just made things worse being I just kept getting rivered. At my worst point I was down over 60 Big Bets. My wife had to give me some money. Things were so bad that even she was putting sick bad beats on me. In one hand I had K-Q suited, on the turn board was Q-2-4-Q. Someone bet, wife called, and I raised. First better folded and she called my raise. River brought a nine and she bet out. I called and she showed the table pocket nines! Not only that a few hands later, while I was still steaming I had an open ended straight draw and the nut flush draw. I bet every street including the river which totally missed me. She insta-called me with pocket fours!! Four over cards were on the board. She later told me that she could sense the weakness off me. It's ok being she is getting my money either way, lol. Got to run right now. I will continue with another post later. Good luck at the tables. Tony

Friday, November 02, 2007

Dave's Game.

We played two Sit-N-Gos last night at my brother Dave’s house. All the usual suspects played. A bunch of my cousins and some of their friends. I got knocked out of both tournaments with f****** Jacks! That’s three in a row at Dave’s with Jacks. Last week I ran them into Aces. This week I ran them into A-2 and A-9 off. The play in these games is just really bad. The button limps for 600 and I wake up with Jacks in the Big Blind. I push my short stack of 2700 in. He insta-calls me with what you ask? The monster hand of A-2 off. Of course he flops and Ace and I am out. I think I have won one race in the last four tournaments we have played in. Jacks are 2 and ½ favorite over A-2, can’t I win one of those! The hand of the night came in the second tournament. My cousin Tony decides to make a move with Q-J. The flop is K-7-2. He bets and gets insta-called by the Woodman. Tony fires four barrels at the pot until he is all in on the river. Woodman insta-calls with pocket fours! Of course they are good and Tony is knocked out! Was it a great read or the seven Heinikens calling there, hmm I wonder? Again this week Carlo chopped the first tournament, don’t know what happened in the second being I went home. He is playing pretty good these days but he is running even luckier! He won like 7 races last night and lost one. Two of them he was a 40-60 dog. One hand he called an all in with pocket Queens, only to run into pocket Aces. Of course first card off is a Queen and he knocks out his opponent, live poker is so rigged. As for Cousin Ant he is playing better and better. I have a feeling he will pass my wife and I up in the PokerPages database for major tournament cashes, some day. My prediction is he will make a major score in a big event. Maybe this year at the WSOP he will go deep in a No Limit event.(All of course if he is able to go out this year.) Borgata tonight baby! Look for some good news on this BLOG Saturday night! Good luck at the tables. Tony

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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Crazy Borgata Hand.

As I have been promising all week here is one of the interesting hands I played in live Poker at the Borgata last week. They opened up a new table early Saturday morning.($10-20 Limit) I recognized at least half the players as regulars I have played with before. I get dealt J-K of clubs in late position after one limper so I limp also. Flop comes 10-9-3 rainbow, one club. An aggressive women leads out at the flop. Have played with her before she always plays real fast. I call and so does the button who seamed to know what he was doing. Turn brings and offsuit two, making the board a total rainbow of suites. She leads out again and I decide I am taking this pot away from them so I raise. Button goes into the tank and finally calls. I put him on a nine of a draw. She insta-calls which to me says a big draw like J-Q, open-ended with two overs. At this point I really figure I am not taking this pot away, unless a scare card comes out that I can represent. The river pairs the board with a ten, great card for me. She checks right away and I fire at the pot with air. The button folds right away. Then something weird happens in the hand. The original aggressor calls me instantly. So I say good call and wait to see her hand. She doesn’t want to turn it over. So I tell her I have King high. She finally turns over J-Q off and shakes her head. I could see the button wasn’t happy at all. I drag down the large pot with King high. I hate when I am bluffing with the best hand. No actually I was value betting my King high, LOL. Don’t know what she was thinking calling me with Queen high! Hope you enjoyed this hand. Good luck at the tables. Tony